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Now Hiring

Our NIH-funded laboratory is interested in recruiting scientists at all levels. We are using genetic, molecular, cellular, electrophysiological and next-generation sequencing approaches to investigate how synaptic molecules function in a cell-type and synapse-specific context to enable synaptic transmission within disease-relevant circuitry. Researchers with backgrounds in cellular/molecular biology, basic neuroscience, imaging and/or electrophysiology are strongly encouraged to apply.


Professional Research Assistant:

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Applicants should email a cover letter, curriculum vitae and names/contact information of three references to Jason Aoto.


Graduate Students:

Our laboratory is affiliated with the Pharmacology graduate program, Neuroscience graduate program and the Biomedical Science training program. Our laboratory is currently accepting rotation students. Please contact Jason Aoto for additional information.


Undergraduate Students:

Students interested in molecular biology and/or neuroscience are welcome to apply. We strongly encourage undergraduates to apply who are early in their college careers. Students will receive hands-on mentorship and gain valuable laboratory experience. Interested students should email Jason Aoto.

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