Lab Members

Principle Investigator
Jason Aoto
Assistant Professor
Nora Langer
BS, Neuroscience with minor in Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2018, Colorado College
Professional Research Assistant
Pat the Plat
Research Assistant
Graduate Students
Emma Boxer
BS, Biology and Psychology, 2015, University of Colorado Denver
NSP Graduate Student (2016-present)
Susana Restrepo
BS, Biotechnology, 2015, University of Florida
Pharmacology Graduate Student (2016-present)
2019 Yale Ciencia Academy Fellow
2018 HHMI Gilliam Fellow and Lyda Hill Scholar
JungMin Kim
BS, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, 2015, University of Arizona
NSP Graduate Student (2018-present)
Brian Lloyd
BM, Vocal Performance, 2013, University of Denver; BS, Biology, 2017, University of Colorado Denver
MSTP Pharmacology Graduate Student (2019-present)
Rotation Students
Eric Stokes
Pharmacology Graduate Student (2019-present)
Jun Wang
PhD, 2015. 
University of Wyoming
Kylan Nelson
Professional Research Assistant 2016-2018
Currently applying to medical schools
Ellen Ford
Winter 2017
Current position: Patel lab
Hannah Actor-Engle
Fall 2017
Current position: Kennedy lab
Taylor Yamauchi
MSTP NSP Graduate Student
Summer 2017
Current position: Person Lab
Brett Dunn
Graduate Student
Master's Degree
Current position: Biodesix
Joshua Garcia
Rotation Student
Fall 2016
Current position: Smith Lab
We are interested in you!
The Aoto Lab is now hiring!
Are you a dedicated, independent and hard-working scientist?
Do you enjoy working in a collaborative environment?
We are always looking for scientists at all levels (undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral fellows). Postdoctoral fellows with a background in synaptic electrophsyiology or molecular biology are encouraged to apply.
For inquiries, please contact us.
Aoto Lab
University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus
Department of Pharmacology
12800 E. 19th Ave. Mail Stop: 8303
Aurora, CO 80045
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